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Blog po neo na saba-dunya lida, Neo Patwa. A blog (in Neo Patwa, with some English translations) for Neo Patwa, a new international auxiliary language proposal based on creole and pidgin grammar, with a global vocabulary and simple phonology.


Cika-wela, mi soma mwito dalam na kitabu. Ta nyem Sea of Poppies. Ta na kaki-yan, nyem Amitav Ghosh. Ta-pela makala, nipa kapal, ta nyem Ibis. Makala na lado, ta Bharat-stan. Makala na wela, mi pensa mandala 1840. Ke-ibo mi suka ce-pela kitabu? Wan, ta dalam. Lekin mo, ta tene mwito na Anglo-Indian pidgin. Tene mwito na aca na kalim.

Translation: I recently read a very intersting book. It's called Sea of Poppies. The author is Amitav Ghosh. The story is about a ship, called the Ibis. It takes place in India. It happens around 1840, I think. Why do I like the book? First, it's intersting. But also, it has a lot of Anglo-Indian pidgin. It has many interesting words.


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