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Blog po neo na saba-dunya lida, Neo Patwa. A blog (in Neo Patwa, with some English translations) for Neo Patwa, a new international auxiliary language proposal based on creole and pidgin grammar, with a global vocabulary and simple phonology.


Ce-din, me naiti muito dalam kanta-lei. Ta nyem “Outlandish”. Ta san-pela yan di lei. Ta anda Danmark-stan. Lekin, enta-yan, ta lai po bye-bye di stan. Isam Bachiri, ta nasen anda Danmark-stan, lekin mama-papa, ta lai po Morocco-stan. Waqas Ali Qadri, ta nasen Danmark-stan, lekin mama-papa, ta lai po Pakistan. Lenny Martinez, ta nasen Honduras-stan. Ta kanta lei “Hip Hop”, lekin mi suka Wela ta kanta, ta pakai no tasol Anglo-lida, ta pakai muito di lida.


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Blogger Larry said...

My stream of consciousness translation (aided by the dictionary):

Today, I found a very (many?) deep (profound? extensive?) set of songs / recordings. It's called "Outlandish". It's a three-person group. (Oops! "kanta-lei" is 'singing group'.) But the members come from various nations. Isam Bachiri was born in Denmark, though his/her parents come from Morocco. Waqas Ali Qadri was born in Denmark, but his/her parents come from Pakistan. Lenny Martinez was born in Honduras. They sing... oops... They are a "Hip Hop" singing group (word order? no modifier particle?), but I like the time (weather? season?) they sing, they don't use just English, they use many languages.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Jens said...

Muito aca. Ya, kanta-lei, ta mana "singing group". Mi pakai "dalam" po mana "interesting". Mi pensa "deep," ta mana cika "interesting". Mo, nume-wan nyuma di kalim, mi yau mana, "but I like (the fact that) when they sing, they use not only English, but many languages." "Wela ta kanta," ta mana "the time they sing."

3:32 AM  

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