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Blog po neo na saba-dunya lida, Neo Patwa. A blog (in Neo Patwa, with some English translations) for Neo Patwa, a new international auxiliary language proposal based on creole and pidgin grammar, with a global vocabulary and simple phonology.


Cika-wela, mi muito lucu po America-stan di stan-kapo di kime-delo. Mi pensa ke Barack Obama, ta nume-wan yan po lai stan-kapo. Satya, mi no muito suka Hillary Clinton, lekin mi pensa ta sabe lai muito aca di stan-kapo. Ta muito aca-kapo, lekin moyo no tene fwego.

(Recently, I've been very interested in the presidential election in the US. I think Barack Obama would be the best president. To be honest, I don't like Hillary Clinton that much, though I think she would also be a good president. She is very intelligent, but somehow her heart doesn't seem warm.)


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