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Blog po neo na saba-dunya lida, Neo Patwa. A blog (in Neo Patwa, with some English translations) for Neo Patwa, a new international auxiliary language proposal based on creole and pidgin grammar, with a global vocabulary and simple phonology.


Maga-Lakwa, Ta Lai
Po Peter Gabriel

Po wela ke noce lai,
Alama puse, po radio,
Saba di gwai di pela,
Ta lai, ta ale, macam wiki di bahaya,
Stela-pwason, ta saba no tene lado po ale,
Ta mate maha di Pasko di maha-moana,
Ale-lado, ta no hefi,
Mi-saba no sabe kime lado.

(Here Comes the Flood
When the night shows, the signals grow on radios
All the strange things, they come and go, as early warnings
Stranded starfish have no place to hide, still waiting for the swollen Easter tide
There’s no point in direction we cannot even choose a side.)


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