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Blog po neo na saba-dunya lida, Neo Patwa. A blog (in Neo Patwa, with some English translations) for Neo Patwa, a new international auxiliary language proposal based on creole and pidgin grammar, with a global vocabulary and simple phonology.


Nipa kayu: Po yan-yan, kayu mwito maha na pela. Kayu, ta dena po mi-saba, ta dena mwito na aca na delo. Nume-wan, asi no tene kayu, mi-saba no sabe hawa, mi-saba saba mati. Mo, wela po sole lai fwego, kayu fanya siya, mi-saba no lai fwego. No tasoll, mi-saba pakai kayu, fanya mwito na pela. Misale, mesa, kasa, kapal.

Translation: About trees: for people, trees are very important thing. Trees give us many good things. First, if we didn't have trees, we wouldn't be able to breathe, and we would all die. Also, when the sun is hot, trees make shade, and we don't get hot. Not only that, we use trees to make many things. For example, tables, houses, boats.


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